The Team


Aleksandra Ceho

Aleksandra's love for Astrology has been fostered since childhood.  Upon discovery of her grandfather's collection of astrology books, she was immediately drawn to the subject. Her love for astrology also led her to studying the mythologies and archetypes as well  as the tarot in her late childhood and teenage years. While studying in University in 2005, Aleksandra received the Life Activation from a healing practitioner of the Modern Mystery School and became deeply interested in the Esoteric teachings of the school.  Since that time, she has become a Teacher and Guide in the King Salomon Lineage and is also privileged to hold the title of Wiccan High Priestess. Aleksandra has had the privilege of traveling around the world teaching Astrology in the Mystery School Lineage. She is also a traveling teacher for the Healers Academy and a Warriors of Light Instructor. These teachings have brought her to the United States, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and her home Toronto, Canada. Aleksandra feels that it is indeed possible to master the stars so that we may one day co-create with them instead of feeling like we are working against them.  It is exactly this empowerment that she feels is most important to bring to others and is happy to be able to share deep metaphysical teachings and tools of empowerment at Spiritual Emporium.