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Lemon Jasper pendant (Oval)

Lemon Jasper pendant (Oval)

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Yellow jasper clears negative energy around the place and surrounding the ethereal body. Its positive energy shields the individual from psychic attacks and negative entities during work. Yellow Jasper stone has very strong grounding energies, enabling the person to center his energy and live purposely in the present. This stone emits high resonance that amplifies perseverance and tenacity. Its energy allows the person to overcome challenges and easily bounce back from any setbacks. This is widely known as a great companion stone. Its powerful protective energy allows for safe passage by sea and safe physical travel by land. Yellow jasper stone dispels low vibrational energies. Its energy allows the person to set boundaries. It repels negative energies, hexes, curses, evil eyes, jealousy, and lousy, petty gossip. Yellow Jasper stones help remove unwanted thoughts and fears. It emits soothing energy that eases worries, mental pressure, and stress thus allowing for a relaxing emotional and physical state.

Pendant includes suede necklace.

shape, size, color may vary.

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