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Lucky Clover- Good Luck 7 Day Candle (Jasmine)

Lucky Clover- Good Luck 7 Day Candle (Jasmine)

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 Discover the power of our glass Ritual Candles for prayer, meditation, invocation, or manifestation. Crafted from regular paraffin with a lead-free wick, each candle offers a 7-day burn time. Suitable for various faiths, ignite the spiritual journey with these enduring and meaningful candles.

Good Luck: The lucky clover, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity, holds rich symbolism across cultures. Each leaf represents hope, faith, love, and luck, while finding a rare four-leaf clover brings exceptional luck. Embraced as a talisman, it evokes positive energies, granting blessings and protection. The clover’s enduring appeal resonates as a potent emblem of positivity and serendipity

.The fragrance of jasmine is associated with a myriad of symbolic meanings, including sensuality, love, purity, spirituality, and good fortune. Its alluring scent often represents beauty, grace, and the celestial realm. Jasmine is used in various cultures for rituals, meditation, and aromatherapy, evoking a sense of tranquility and uplifted spirits, while also attracting positive energy and good luck.SKU:#81685

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