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 Elevate your spiritual practice with our exquisite Pair of Selenite Harmonizers featuring 7 Chakra Symbols. These stunning crystals not only promote inner harmony and balance but also align and activate the energy centers within your body. As you hold these harmonizers, feel the calming energy of selenite combined with the transformative power of the chakra symbols, creating a transcendent experience. Size is approximately 4 inches long. 

SYMBOL: the chakras, our energy centers, affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Each chakra has its specific function, and having them all balanced helps find stability and good health. Red: Root (base of the spine) – Gonad glands – Represents grounding and survival?Orange: Sacral (lower abdomen) – Pancreas gland – Associated with emotions and sexuality. Yellow: Solar Plexus (navel) – Adrenal glands – Represents self-worth and sense of purpose. Green: Heart (center of the chest) – Thymus gland – For love and inner peace. Blue: Throat (throat) – Thyroid gland – Our physical and spiritual communication. Indigo: Third Eye (middle of the forehead) – Pineal gland – Represents awareness, intuition, and perceptions. Violet: Crown (top of the head) – Pituitary gland – Our connection with universal energies.

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