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Tree of Life- 7 Day Candle (Sandalwood)

Tree of Life- 7 Day Candle (Sandalwood)

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 Discover the power of our glass Ritual Candles for prayer, meditation, invocation, or manifestation. Crafted from regular paraffin with a lead-free wick, each candle offers a 7-day burn time. Suitable for various faiths, ignite the spiritual journey with these enduring and meaningful candles. 

Interconnectedness : The tree symbolizes profound connections with nature, growth, and wisdom. Its roots anchor us to the past, while its branches reach towards the future. It represents strength, resilience, and the cycles of life. The tree embodies harmony, balance, and nourishment, serving as a reminder of our interdependence with the natural world. It invites us to embrace our own personal growth, find grounding, and strive for spiritual evolution.

The fragrance of sandalwood is associated with spirituality, tranquility, and ritualistic practices. Revered for centuries, it holds a sacred significance in various cultures and religions. Its calming and grounding aroma promotes meditation, enhancing focus and fostering inner peace. Sandalwood’s earthy notes evoke ancient wisdom and timeless serenity, perfect for introspection and self-discovery. 

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