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Witch's Broom- Cleansing 7 Day Candle (Sage)

Witch's Broom- Cleansing 7 Day Candle (Sage)

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Discover the power of our glass Ritual Candles for prayer, meditation, invocation, or manifestation. Crafted from regular paraffin with a lead-free wick, each candle offers a 7-day burn time. Suitable for various faiths, ignite the spiritual journey with these enduring and meaningful candles.

 Cleansing: The witch’s broom, steeped in folklore and symbolism, represents both the mundane and the mystical. Traditionally associated with witches and their craft, it embodies spiritual cleansing, the power of transformation, and the ability to transcend physical boundaries. As a potent tool, it enables practitioners to sweep away negativity, connect with energies, and symbolizes the art of embracing change and journeying between realms.

The fragrance of sage is associated with purification, wisdom, and spirituality. Used in various cultures for centuries, the aromatic scent is believed to cleanse spaces, ward off negative energies, and enhance spiritual practices. It holds a profound connection to ancient rituals, fostering clarity of mind and promoting a sacred, serene atmosphere.

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